RAID got great reviews

Sandra demonstrated RAID board game to Toys R Us executives at their HQ in New Jersey.

Toys R Us feedback: Simple to learn, easy to play, good play value, cool and exciting!

RAID was invented  
By: Sandra Harewood
East London (between the haunt of Jack The Ripper and Canary Wharf)
During a games night
People were bored because they had to wait a long time for their turn to play. We needed a game with lots of fun and excitement, a bit of strategy where EVERYONE was 100% involved for 100% of the time.
Raid was developed  
Whilst living in Barbados
San Francisco, Georgia, New York, New Jersey, Jamaica, Trinidad, Barbados, The Bahamas, Manchester, The Lake District and London, UK.
All players said they preferred playing RAID to the best selling, iconic games they had at home.

The Raid Team

The RAID Team believes that playing the board game or the app will be a good way to get people chatting with people that they might rarely come into contact with otherwise.  

Please join us in making the 25th of every month” Anti Loneliness Action Day” by taking some action to make others less lonely! Call, WhatsApp, Zoom or visit with someone you have not contacted in a while.

Did you know that the UK and Japan have both appointed  a “Minister of Loneliness” to deal with the growing epidemic of loneliness? Will other countries follow their lead?


Researchers found that conversation flowed more easily when playing games was used as an icebreaker. RAID  is described by players as an “extremely social” game.

We will be donating board games to “befriending” charities to assist  their outreach.